I am a well rounded professional with excellent communication and presentation skills and comprehensive experience with people of varied age groups and different educational and cultural backgrounds. I am a team player, able to quickly connect to and understand my colleagues, students or general audience. You will find me to be:

  • IT professional with system analysis and programming experience that supports my capability to efficiently use, create and evaluate automated solutions to complex  problems both in business and educational spheres.
  • Certified Management Professional with over 10 years of progressive experience in the fields of Corporate Administration, Information Technology, Science Education and Entertainment. In-depth knowledge of modern management tools and techniques supports my capability to manage complex projects, change and risks.
  • Cybersecurity professional with knowledge of information management, cybersecurity policy development and risk assessment methodologies.
  • Experienced educator and trainer with an in-depth knowledge of techniques and principles of instructional delivery. I am experienced in directing development and implementation of informal and formal training and educational programs.
  • Seasoned Board Member with variety of board experience on different levels with a keen knowledge of governing issues both in professional, not for profit and charitable organizations. I am reliable and responsible professional with the history of managing assets of various organizations in over $70 mil who understands the management and financial issues involved in different types of funds management and budget control.
  • Fluent in several foreign languages (Czech, Slovak, Russian)