Awards & Invited presentations


  • 2017 – Battlesnake AI Programming Competition; 2nd place Sendwithus
  • 2016 – SERG Dissertation/Thesis Award The Canadian Society for the Study in Education
  • 2013 – Unlimited woman 2013 – 24CarrotLearning
  • 2012 – Mad Science Science Camp of the year Award


2016: Faculty of Engineering, University of Victoria, Department of Computer Science (ELEC592) Masters Degree Student Lecture; Ethics in Action: Cybersecurity and Professionalism

2016: Vancouver Island Montessori Association: Curricular Conversations. A Forum for Educational Collaboration, Member of an Expert panel led by Dr. Adele Diamond; Optimal learning environments

2016: Royal BC Museum, Victoria, BC, Presentation Talk: Science and Halloween

2015: Insurance Brokersā€™Association of B.C., Victoria, BC, Presentation: Environmental science

2014: Guinness Book of Records 2015; Mad Science; Achieved a Guinness World Record for elementary school science experiments

2014: CTV News: I love this Island with Bruce Williams;

2013 Unlimited woman 2013 Presentation,Ā 24CarrotLearning 2013

2012: University of Victoria, Dr. Kim 2012 Presentation for students of the course Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary/Middle Year School Science (EDCI 403) on the subject of developing hands-on science activities