Community Involvement


2016-current: Victoria Cybersecurity Ethical Hackers Group

2015-current: Juan de Fuca Search and Rescue group (SAR), Victoria, BC
• educational program design and delivery; advocating responsible outdoors behaviour
• collaborating with SAR representatives and aiding them in public outreach

2013-current: Victoria Bee Club, Victoria, BC • beekeeping enthusiast and environmental advocate

2004-2008: Masaryk Memorial Institute Inc. Toronto, Canada
CEO & President of the Board  

  • Under my leadership, this charitable organization went through a major transformation. My most significant achievements include developing and implementing new corporate bylaws that would comply with new government requirements for non-profit governance and fiscal management, and balancing the Institute’s budget within my first two years of service.

2005-2008: MASARYKPARK HOMES LTD. Toronto, Canada

  • MPH is a Life Lease project consisting of 74 units for occupants 55-years and older, run by a charitable organization. I have successfully advocated the need for professional governance and management. I engaged a property management company, and oversaw the transition from ad-hoc crisis management to a professionally run organization.

2003-2008: LAKESIDE VILLAGE – MTCC 1130 Toronto, Canada
President of the Board

  • This Metropolitan Toronto Condominium Corporation consists of over 140 townhouses which are about 40 years old. As President of the Board, I focused my attention on major renovation projects which needed to be done as part of the long term maintenance and repair plan. I oversaw six major projects from start to completion, each budgeted for $300K-$800K. I was actively involved in drafting a reserve fund plan which successfully addressed the long term needs of the complex.