Teaching Experience

University of Victoria, Victoria, BC

May – August 2017
Sessional Instructor – Faculty of Social Sciences; Department of Philosophy
Course: Technology and Society (ENGR 297/TS 200)
Ethical aspects of technology in information society. Exploration of privacy issues, cybersecurity and its impact on technological innovation. Engineering responsibilities affecting democratic society and the future of civilization.

May – August 2016
Sessional Instructor – Faculty of Social Sciences; Department of Philosophy
Course: Technology and Society (ENGR 297/TS 200)
Exploration of the effects of technology on society focusing on the environmental, ethical, social, economic, legal and political issues raised by technological change; professionalism and experts’ responsibilities in Anthropocene.

May – August 2015
Sessional Instructor – Faculty of Engineering
Course: Technology and Society (ENGR 297/TS 200)
Introduction to technology and its impact on society reviewed through sociological lens including discussion of the ethical, environmental, cultural, legal, economic and political problems.

Sept – Dec 2014
Sessional Instructor, Collaborative teaching – Faculty of Education
Course: Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary/Middle Year School Science (EDCI 403)
A study of the curriculum organization, instructional strategies, and assessment practices in elementary classroom science. Responsible for developing and delivering Place-based learning and Problem-based learning modules of the course. Designed and presented environmentally oriented map of appropriate science topics to support Problem-based learning in classroom K-Gr.12

Sept – Dec 2013
Teaching Assistant – Faculty of Education
Course: Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary/Middle Year School Science (EDCI 403)

Mad Science Vancouver Island Victoria, BC, Canada

Aug 2009 – current
Chief Mad Scientist

Developing and delivering hands-on science classes in variety of schools at the Vancouver Island. Responsible for science promotion and popularization via public science shows and events. Responsible for Mad Science instructor training.

The Ontario Science Centre, Don Mills, Ontario Science
Teacher, Educational Programmer

Science education content development & programming:
Marsville Project:
As a part of a five-member management team I was responsible for the co-ordination of 17 Canadian schools in National Marsville project programme. In collaboration with SPAR Aerospace engineers, the students developed technical solutions to problems of survival on Mars.

Team Building Programming:
Developed and delivered team building programs for corporate clients (IBM) using hands-on and computer simulation workshops.

International Mathematical Olympiad 1995:
As one of the seven-member management team of Senior Guides at the 1995 International Mathematical Olympiad, I was responsible for the support and coordination of teams from 42 countries during the competition in mathematics.

Program Design, development and testing:
Challenger Learning Centre: Participated in the design, implementation, testing and operation of computer-controlled simulated space missions. I supported the scientific and educational content of the missions simulators, including the maintenance and enhancements to the mission control software.

JASON project: Developed a scheduling and booking computer software to support a distance learning and remote exploration project.

LegoDacta: In collaboration with Lego Canada I worked on development of educational programmes introducing robotics to elementary school students. The programme included the use of robotic programming to control Lego-based models of robotic systems – predecessor of Lego Mindstorm.

Presentation & teaching
STAO: Designed and delivered several presentations at the Science Teachers Association of Ontario conferences in 1995 (Holography), 1996 (Theory of Chaos), and 1997 (Chaos and beyond – Artificial life), discussing principles of modern science and its application in society and education.

Internet Training: Developed and presented teacher and student Internet training courses and web development workshops.

General Scientific Programmes: As a part of the Education Department I was responsible for presenting all science related programmes. I taught & updated programmes primarily in physics, mathematics, astronomy and computer science.

Scientific research & program design:
Theory of Chaos: Developed educational programmes simulating chaotic behaviour of dynamic systems. I taught the theoretical introduction to the topic to audiences from Grade 8 to adults, including the University of Toronto students.
Light Theory and Holography: Lectured on topics of the Theory of Holography with hands-on workshops for students and teachers, as well as for general adult audience.
Science and Science fiction: Developed original demonstration programmes discussing the possibilities of science and its extrapolation to the future. Researched topics on communication, robotics and artificial life.