A modern society like ours—one powered by science and technology—requires an educated population that is able to cooperate and wisely use and manage their own implementation of new scientific knowledge and technological advances. In an effort to improve human lives, society and protect the planet at the same time I dedicate my work to advancing methods of teaching science, philosophy of science & technology and exploration of the intersections of society, technology and environment with focus on the issues of cybersecurity.

My goal is to support knowledge mobilization for technologically sensitive balance of nature and humanity in service to creating a resilient society in Anthropocene.

My background knowledge range widely from physics, philosophy and history of science and technology to environmental sciences, information technology and filmmaking – all in service to understand the far-reaching impact humans have on the planet; impact so pronounced that some researchers have given our geological epoch an entirely new name: the Anthropocene. It is necessary to discover, deeply understand and discuss the sweeping transformations of our society and its influence on our planet; is nature fundamentally separate from humanity, or can environments and people be produced together; how are these environments created or threatened by big data and surveillance capitalism? These are the issues that present some of the greatest challenges of our times.

I believe it is essential to our survival as a species to think creatively about how we integrate our lives with technology and coexist within the natural environment; we need to manage wisely the artificial environments as they emerge and create positive opportunities to live and prosper in the Anthropocene epoch.